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Sarah Dickson, creator of Oak & Orchid

Sarah Dickson, creator of Oak & Orchid


Let's tell everyone you're getting married.

The big day is getting closer and it's almost time to send out the invitations. You must be buzzing with ideas and excitement! You might even feel a bit overwhelmed by all the gorgeous inspiration you've seen on social media, wedding blogs and bridal magazines. Choosing an invitation can be a very important step in the planning process as it will set the tone for your event through color, theme and style. Ultimately, you want to impress your guests with a design beyond the ordinary. You envision something natural.. something colorful.. something that feels sophisticated but not too serious... or perhaps you're looking for the ultimate in rustic elegance. That's where I can help.

I'm Sarah, creator of Oak & Orchid, and graphic design is my passion. I would love to make this part of your wedding preparations as easy and enjoyable as possible by providing you with the sincerest quality and care that every customer deserves. I can help figure out what stationery items you'll need, listen to what you want, and take care of all the details. I have so much fun designing for weddings and cannot wait to create the perfect introduction to your special day.

Through my custom service, I will work with you to build a unique design in three steps. First, we'll explore lettering options to determine what fonts your names look best in. Then we'll develop artwork that tells a story and gives your guests a glimpse of the big event to come. And lastly, we'll combine these elements into a perfectly balanced layout that will be printed on your choice of wood or paper options. Additionally, if you fall in love with a featured design as-is, or wish to combine elements from existing designs, I can certainly do that for you with a much shorter turnaround time.

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