About me

Hello friends and welcome to my website! My name is Sarah. I'm just an easygoing West Coast gal with an affinity for elegant design and exotic style. I love to create beautiful imagery and products that evoke a cheerful relaxed vibe.

I'm currently hunkered down in the great state of Oregon where I was born and raised, but the whole world is my muse. Literally everything I see is inspiring with the possibility to become something amazing. I'm constantly lost in my imagination, pondering new ideas, and obsessing over how I can improve and develop each one to it's full and complete potential, I just can't help it.

In spare moments of solitude, I like to expand my mind through books, music, yoga and sunlight meditation. I'm the mother to two incredibly bright & talented young ladies and the wife to a very comical & charming Southern California boy. On my days off, I can be found somewhere outside in the fresh Oregon air, walking my dogs, relaxing in the backyard, hiking through the wilderness or exploring the city for unique shops and inspiration.


The Studio

My studio, Oak+Orchid (oak like the tree.. and .. orchid like the flower), specializes in stationery and textile design. Our look is inspired by my 'east meets west' lineage and my love of art and printmaking. We use a mix of traditional and digital art mediums to produce our vibrant collection of home décor and paper goods. In addition to the products I sell online, I also provide other small business owners with a variety of creative services, such as art direction, logos, brand styling, packaging and marketing materials. If you're looking for a design specialist who's easy to work with and delivers exceptional quality every time, let's chat.


The meaning

My life began in a small country home that sits under one of the oldest oak trees in the Pacific Northwest, and orchids are one of my favorite flowers for their diversity and exotic beauty.

Both the oak and the orchid are widely recognized as symbols of strength in many cultures, but the orchid is also considered a sign of bravery. Together, they signify strength+bravery.

Life can be challenging, seemingly unfair and downright painful at times, but something beautiful and deeply meaningful will come of our experience if we remain strong and have the courage to see it's purpose.

Oak+Orchid is a symbol to remind us that true beauty emerges from inner strength and bravery.

Follow your heart.. love who you are.. stand proud for what is right.. look deep within and harness those strong inner roots.. bravely reach upward and something beautiful will blossom, I promise.